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The Kalyspo unified system relies on two patented components to prevent the vast majority of retained surgical instruments (RSIs): the μTag and the Kalyspo Computer Aided Detection (CAD) software.

The μTag is a passive, x-ray visible, micromachined tag that greatly enhances the visibility of RSIs on radiographs (x-rays). It has an unmistakable shape that does not change in the human body. It produces a similar projection on x-rays regardless of orientation in space. Its size, geometry and materials are optimized to provide the optimal visibility on x-rays while remaining small and unobtrusive to the surgeon.

The Kalyspo CAD uses sophisticated image processing and detection algorithms weighed with a trained neural network to reliably detect the μTag. It can also detect other x-ray visible objects, such as needles, which comprise a third of RSIs and are too small to tag.

In a trial with five radiologists and 700 images each radiologist with the help of the CAD identified 98.5% of the with the Kalyspo μTag with a specificity of 99%.